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Daily Thanthi was launched in the year 1942. Breathing the Tamil culture speaking the language, voicing the opinion of Tamilians.

Starting from the modest beginning, today Daily Thanthi has a staggering and an ever-growing circulation of 17,21,833 copies daily on an average and over 18,64,928 copies on Sunday's.

The first edition in Madurai and now with 15 editions covering the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Bangalore and Mumbai.

According to IRS 2012 Q3 Daily Thanthi is ranked as the 7th largest read daily in India with a readership of more than 7 million according to IRS 2012 Q3. Daily Thanthi is ranked as the 3rd largest regional daily in India. Daily Thanthi is the "Soul of Tamil Nadu" and the most cost effective medium for advertising.

We breathe the ideals of our illustrious founder Late Sri Si. Pa. Aditanar and his visionary successor the dynamic and living legend in contemporary Tamil Journalism Dr. B. Sivanthi Adityan. To satisfy the aesthetic needs of its readers with a balanced presentation of the news over the years.

Daily Thanthi gives value addition to its readers through various supplements published and distributed the entire week, for all the cross section of readers. These features are students' special matrimonial section, Friday supplement, Children's supplement, Muthucharam special on religion and culture, youth supplement, Sunday supplement and family supplement. We also offer monthly supplements like Tamil Matha Jothidam and from October to March supplement for students.


MANAVAR SPECIAL (4 Page broad sheet)

Today's children are prospective citizens of the nation. To mould the young brains and enable them to compete and excel in the competitive world in future, we help them gain information on the following:

* Information Technology

* Education and Career guidance

* CAT Exam, IAS test paper for students

* Coloumn for students to show their creativity



One full page featuring the latest in the action packed world of cinema-latest release, depute stars, music and one full page featuring interesting news in the international arena.

AANMEEGAM: (Booklet; every Tuesday, 16 pages including cover page)

Daily Thanthi believes in the fact that if one adheres in practicing spiritual, he gains power to the more organised, becomes disciplined and quality of life improves, hence we provide our readers with the following details in the booklet:

* Details on when special poojas and festivals in different temples are held for the week. (E.g.) Golden chariot festival in temples, etc.

* Messages and ideology of religious heads.

* Article on particular temple and its location, deity worshipped, practices rituals etc.

* Highligts from holy books.



Daily Thanthi success over the years in the MANAPANTHAL SECTION has created a demand for us to dedicate an exclusive 2 page section for the segment across all leditions helping you search for the perfect life partner with ease.


With overwhelming responses from the advertisers-daily thanthi has been successful in establishing the largest section of all categories of classified advertising. Apart from routine classified section carried everyday. We have exclusive pages on the classified section as detailed.

* Exclusive classified 10 pages on Sunday and 2 pages on Wednesday.

* Options of both line/Display format available at nominal cost.

* Attractive schemes covering verticals of all kinds like - Situation vacant, Business and Finance, Real Estate, Rental, Automobile - Two wheeler buying and selling/Education, Sales, Service announcement, Maruthuvam (Medicine), etc.


VELLI MALAR (Broad sheet: Every Friday) 4 Pages

Complete entertainer covering the following topics:

* Cinema news, Cinema gossips and tit-bits.

* Predictions based on Zodiac sign.

* Question and Answers-Queries related to Zodiac sign, Star position and Advice to correct its adverse effects etc. By asking questions which will answered by Mr. Sivalpuri Singaram.

* VAASTHU-Each week highlights on particular aspect (E.g.) placement of staircase and Vaasthu etc.

* Religious practices followed by different religion.

* Auspicious days detailed from Friday-Thursday (E.g.) Muthucharam, Vaasthu Naal etc.

* Pilgrimage place-Location, purpose of worship, special poojas performed during the season etc.

* Purana Kathaigal (Bakthi stories)

* Preaches from different religion-christianity, Islam etc.

SIRUVAR THANGA MALAR (Booklet - Every Friday, 16 pages including cover page)

Interesting and informative booklet for children to read and enjoy with following inputs:

* Moral short stories.

* Comic stories.

* Demonstration on craft making.

* Drawing and contests for children.

* Inventions and discoveries.


Inspirational articles for the youth - A complete guide for their well-being:

MUTHUCHARAM (Broadsheet: Every Saturday) 4 pages

* Articles about young achievers, health and beauty tips, astrology based Zodiac sign; Cine stars views, healing powers of prayers.

* Future focusing a particular temple.

* Moral stories based on real experience.

* Television segment: Programmes related to channels, serials, comments from viewers on TV programmes, readers column on TV programmes.

* Sports section - Highlights about sports personality E.g. - Sports that he is associated with ambition, achievement, professional life etc.

* Information on managing and saving finance - useful information on best saving schemes, insurance policies ways to spend etc.

ILANGYAR MALAR (Booklet) 16 pages

Targeting the young minds and mould them develop themselves

* Education and career guidance.

* Sports.

* Interview tips.

* Personality development and Self-confidence.

* Improvements in Science, Medicine and Technology.


Ample articles to relax read and cheers!

GNAYIRU MALAR (Broad sheet: Every Sunday) 4 pages

* Featuring successful women achievers in their respective fields.

* Health and beauty tips for women.

* Numerology based on birth dates.

* Articles related to human values and purpose of living.

* Talk and wonders of ancient culture and history.

* Safety and precautionary measures which caution women against evils prevailing in the society (E.g.) misuse of mobile cameras, internet etc.

* Bollywood news.

KUDUMBA MALAR (Booklet - Every Sunday, 16 pages including cover page)

Complete family entertainer:

* Interviews of successful people from any fields.

* Interviews of successful people from any fields.

* Articles on famous temples.

* Short stories.

* Poetry.

* Interesting tit-bits - Cookery, Health tips.

* Cinema trivia for the whole family.

TAMIZH MATHA JOTHIDAM (Booklet: Monthly - Every 2nd Monday, 16 pages including cover page)

For people who believe in destiny, culture and tradition - the book has been successful in predicting maximum accuracy:

* Meaning, significance and auspiciousness of the particular month.

* Rasi positions and its effects, Pariharam.

* Details of eclipse, planets position.

* Details of eclipse, planets position.

* Predictions for each RASI with the suitable offerings to be made to deity for better prospects etc.


Special booklet which has Model Question and Answers for SSLC, Plus 2 (+ 2) and Matriculation. Guidance for students to prepare well for public exams. This booklet is issued free of cost with Daily thanthi every Wednesday from October to March every year.


For business people

Daily Thanthi's exclusive tie-up with the Economic Times, ensures wide financial and commercial coverage.


Two Page dedicated news coveraged on districts and local news in each of editions gives Daily thanthi a local flavour and also issues in general is covered.


Therindhu Kolungal - Interesting snippets on diverse topics - Creates awareness on various schemes and benefits e.g. - ESI benefits.

Thinam oru Thagaval - Interesting facts and general knowledge

Indru Nal Eppadi - Zodiac sign prediction for the day

Anmiga Sindanai - Articles on religious and beliefs

The DailyThanthi portal aims to connect with its readers worldwide understanding their need to be informed everyday. We have also widened our visibility by having e-paper, which is an online Edition.

For further information or assistance in placing your advertisement please contact our Head Office.

86, EVK Sampath Road, Vepery, Chennai - 600007.
Phone: 2661 8661
Fax: 26618797


Following will be the advertisement rates of Daily Thanthi on Internet

Online ADVT TARIFF FOR 30 days in home page

Home page:

Top Position (230 x 90 pixels): Rs.60,000

Second Position (230 x 90 pixels): Rs.60,000

Bottom First Position (230 x 90 pixels): Rs.30,000

Bottom Second Position (230 x 90 pixels): Rs.25,000

Right side small banner Top Position (150 x 350 pixels): Rs.60,000

Right side small banner (150 x 350 pixels): Scroll down view Rs.60,000

Ear pannel right and left (113 x 200) Cost per impression: Rs.25/cpm

For Weekly features, Special features and inside pages, the rates will informed on enquiry.
The DD must be in favour of Daily Thanthi Payable at Chennai.
DD and RO must be sent to: The Advertisement Section (Online service), Daily Thanthi, EVR Periyar Salai, Chennai – 600 007.
For website advertisements in dailythanthi.com Contact e-mail: ravisankar@smm.co.in

For Paper Advertisements Contact : 044 - 26618661, Fax: 26618797,
E-mail: advt@dt.co.in


Classifieds under different headings are accepted as in regular newspaper:

(1) Matrimonial classifieds "Manappandal" :

Ads carried in Daily Thanthi can be repeated in Internet, at an additional cost of Rs.50/- only per advertisement.

(2) All other classified categories:

For ads carried in Daily Thanthi and repeated in Internet, an additional of Rs.100/- only per advertisement.

(3) Classified ads exclusive in Internet:

Rs.70/- per line (minimum Rs.200) for all categories (Lines will be calculated as in Daily Thanthi Newspaper).

For any further clarification or additional information, please contact

Advertisement Schedule Officer,
Daily Thanthi,
86, E.V.K. Sampath Road,
Chennai-600 007
Phone: 2661 8661
Fax: 26618797
E-mail: advt@dt.co.in